Waxahachie Engagement Photos // Kelli & Austin

Waxahachie Engagement Photos // Kelli & Austin


Kelli and Austin

Excited to share Kelli and Austin’s Waxahachie engagement photos! A little backstory… They were friends for over 10 years and were constantly in long term relationships or pursuing life without one another. It wasn’t until their separate relationships fell apart within a month of one another that they decided to turn their friendship into something more – 5 months in and they were engaged! There was no question that they had always loved one another, but it took a great deal of courage to put themselves and their love first.

Downtown Waxahachie

We met up with them in a small town south of Dallas called Waxahachie. We started out in the downtown area. Kelli wore a grey t-shirt with a navy skirt and Austin wore a navy plaid long sleeve shirt with a brown belt and jeans. Kelli has the most beautiful long hair, and she styled it herself for the shoot!  I loved all of the different textures in the town square. We found a cool vine covered spot behind one of the buildings and while we were photographing we heard some little meows. There were tiny kittens back there with their mom!

Second Half in a Field

After we explored downtown Waxahachie, Kelli and Austin changed outfits and we went out into a big grassy field. For the second half of the session, Kelli wore a white wrap dress with blue flowers and Austin wore a light blue button up shirt with jeans. They both wore boots, which is a good idea when you’re going out into a tall grassy field! The green field with the beautiful clouded blue sky was the perfect scene for their portraits. Luckily we didn’t find any snakes while we were out there!

We had a wonderful time with them! They recommended a delicious hole in the wall Tex Mex place for us to try out before we headed back to Austin. It was sooo good!